Step 3: Generating Increased Traffic

In the first step, we identified who your leads are. This was followed by the creation of an excellent “hub” from which your product or service can be introduced. Thus, we have already accomplished one of the most important steps within any marketing campaign: you know the category of customer that you wish to target.

Emarkable will help you to tailor a specific plan that takes these first two steps of the process into account. Some of our methods will include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • >Blogging: The audience is actively engaged and up to four hundred per cent more indexed pages are created by updated blogs.
  • Social Media: Actively engage with your prospective audience and appreciate their feedback. As two-thirds of all Internet users enjoy social media platforms, you can expect an increase in exposure of up to sixty per cent.
  • SEO: Identify relevant keywords, build high-quality links and optimise the site for the correct demographic. As forty-six per cent of all Internet searches are in relation to a product or service, a proper SEO strategy is essential.

As mentioned previously, these policies should be used in tandem with one another. Of course, we will find the best channels for communicating with your unique customer base. This will also give you the ability to make any on-the-fly modifications as may be needed.

We can additionally integrate a reliable pay-per-click platform alongside these strategies to drive further increase your website traffic. Emarkable will optimise this campaign to “fine tune” its effectiveness. You will attain a high amount of qualified leads while encountering the lowest PPC rates.

Emarkable does not believe that the same template will work for everyone. It is your company, your plan and your ultimate success. Therefore, we are flexible with our approach and will work together with you to develop the bespoke marketing package that will  provide the best results.