Step 4: Converting Traffic Into Quality Leads

Have you noticed that your site is attracting a high amount of inbound traffic but your lead conversion rates are low? Do your click through statistics fail to match your revenue and sales pipelines?

If so, then it is likely that certain strategies are not being employed. Emarkable will work in tandem with you to make certain that your marketing processes, lead generation and engagement strategies are in line with your site. This will ultimately lead to an efficient and streamlined sales process; increasing conversion rates and targeted exposure.

Defining Lead Success

The first task is to determine the different types of lead generation methods which you will employ. Common examples include:

  • A sale.
  • The completion of a form.
  • A phone call.

Obviously, we will develop tools that will allow you to track these and other metrics. This can provide you with the clarity necessary to appreciate which methods are effective and which may need an adjustment.

Buying Stages

Not all leads will be at the same stage within the conversion process. Some may only be interested in timely updates while others could very well be looking to take real action. If a lead requires more research, you will be able to send him downloads and additional details; keeping him or her in the buying cycle. If a lead is ready to act, you can proactively direct him to fill in the appropriate forms or peruse your online store (only two examples)

At emarkable, we appreciate that this step is critical. You will need to correlate your lead generation techniques with your business objectives. Developing this modular approach will allow you to find the most effective ways to inform, nurture and eventually convert your leads into loyal buyers.