Step 5: Converting Your Website Leads Into Sales

As you are already aware, one of the cardinal mistakes that can be made during the marketing process is failing to effectively convert leads into viable sales. Of course, this will largely depend upon how each client persona is targeted and engaged. This can be an art form as much as a science.

How are leads converted?

Now that we have our leads, how are they converted? This is accomplished by a prospect management process that develops a working relationship with each lead. Some examples of this will include timely emails and if requested, phone contact. The simple fact is that very few leads will convert to become a client on their own accord; they need to be provided with targeted incentives.

We will help you develop your nurturing sales funnel that will create a customer touch point at each critical stage of the buying cycle. This may take the form of email marketing, on site additional information.

This is again where it is critical to segment your leads; knowing the individual “sweet spot” of each category will enable you to better target their interests. The client who feels that his or her needs are being catered to is much more likely to convert (and remain loyal).